The group bike can be used for a lot of purposes, such as a family day, bachelor party, advertising, and charity campaign or business event. Participants are allowed to bring drinks in some places such as: tea, coffee, soda, prosecco or a beer.

Our group bikes are being hired out by us in Amsterdam with a driver / guide for a fun day out for the duration of an event of approximately 1.5 hours or more, depending on many factors. There is a lot of expertise in our company to make it a success and to improve where needed. In our team everyone is working together to make improvements when possible.

Many passengers

Bikes that can carry many or few passengers, with a good price and Quality Ratio that are well built, make these group bikes unique to expand your business and to serve new markets.

Our GroupBikes are well built with a good price and Quality Ratio

What are you looking for?

The group bikes vary in width, height and technical specifications. This is specified per model. The indicated number of people does not include the driver.

Let us know what you are looking for and what your requirements are, so we can advise you with our expertise and deliver a solid group bike that lasts for years, so you can become and stay a successful entrepreneur.


We export the group bikes worldwide and work closely with authorized carriers. They can advise you directly about the most advantageous options for transport and the required paperwork.

For sea transport a standard 20 foot container is customary (opening width 2,340 mm (7′-8 1/8 “, height 2,275 mm (7′-5 5/8 “) per group bike, after which a truck can bring it to the right destination. It is also possible to transport it by air. Talk about the possibilities with the conveyor. We are happy to advice.

Please contact Andy Kers of StederGroup (+31 10 503 33 88 or if you want a quote for transport by rail, container/ boat or Plane.

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