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The Custum built groupbike has 12 people seated on the sides.

Second hand groupbikes

This second hand groupbike is just what you need to startup your business!

Start a bike business

We’ll guide you to wealth on wheels with our custom made or 2nd hand beerbikes! The highest-quality party bike in the biz.

Pedal support

The system supports cycling with two wheel motors each 1 kW and is intended to make the bikes more pleasant for the participant.

Low Maintenance and Repair

The chassis is constructed from four longitudinal profiles, which are connected by means of cross plates at a distance of 275mm.

Roof structure design

Made so that you can easily store the group bike in a small storage or receives less wind during transport by road.

Let us introduce ourselves

Buy your own beer-, party- or groupbike!

We have developed group bikes with passion and skill since 2004. With many different names we have put the bike group on the map in recent years. Online you will discover many different names for this bike like: Rondjeregio, party bike, pedal saloon, borisbus, bear bike, and sightseeing bike, but the name groupbike suits this website nowadays best.

The group bike can be used for a lot of purposes, such as a family day, bachelor party, advertising, and charity campaign or business event. Participants are allowed to bring drinks in some places such as: tea, coffee, soda, prosecco or a beer.

Our group bikes are being hired out by us in Amsterdam with a driver / guide for a fun day out for the duration of an event of approximately 1.5 hours or more, depending on many factors. There is a lot of expertise in our company to make it a success and to improve where needed. In our team everyone is working together to make improvements when possible.

2350 kg

Maximum weight


Groupbiked kilometers

51 Company’s

Made a succesfull living

13 Years

of experience

Combine a groupbike with other activities

Several models of Groupbikes

In Amsterdam this group bikes are offered in combination with, amongst others: a round-trip boat with many possibilities, including: a Prosecco boat, Barbecue boat, Beer Boat, Food Boat with coffee, tea, and lunch, and of course other ideas are possible on request. This can give you the opportunity to combine it with other activities in your area.

We show several models group bikes on this website, and new bikes can be commissioned to the wishes of our customers. The custom built group bikes are available with and without electrical assistance. Other possibilities are a steal roof or a zipable canopy, an extra chair or store bags. See the list of options per bicycle above the pictures of the models.


Music system
Radio USB


Homologted lights


Roof posibility in: aluminium or canvas


Led lights


Brake pump action to 4 wheels


Chain cover


Seats with back security belt


Security bar


Steering wheel

Rental companies of the group bike around the world today:

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